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FPSC Classic Scripts / Enemy appears after door was opened [Guide]

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Posted: 27th Dec 2014 14:16
Hello My Folks!
Today I thought I'd make myself useful once. I'm making a Zombie Game so I got this Idea: The Player walks into a Trigger Zone, a door opens, a scary Sound is playing and suddenly an enemy is Standing right in front of you!
Let's start!
First, we Need a door. We have to set the mainscript as "door1".
Then we place a Trigger Zone in front of the door. In the paragraph "If Used", we set the Name of the door that has to be opened. Next, we make a Sound Zone. Just add a scary Sound and place it on the exact place as the Trigger Zone. So, last part: We build another Trigger Zone, as the main script we set "plrzoneactivateused". Behind the door, we place an enemy, like a Zombie or a Monster. Let's say the enemy's Name is "Z1" Then we go back to the Trigger Zone and set "If Used" to "Z1". The reason we are doing this, is because when we would just place the enemy, ist limbs would appear getting through the door, or when you place an enemy with some weapon, it would shoot trough the door. So now Comes the very last part: We open "Z1" again and set "Spawn at Start?" to no. The Trigger Zone then is in the same place as the Sound and the other Trigger Zone, to make all this happen at the same time. This trick can be used to create Horror maps or as an enemy ambush! Have fun building your game!

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