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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Silly project to generate random names in AGK2

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Posted: 1st Jan 2015 11:44
This is mostly a joke project to test an algorithm for Markov Chains that can be used to create random bits and bobs. In this case you can use it to create random names for example.

You give the program a number of samples and it will base the random generation of these. I'm using numbers here, but I did try with characters from the book The Belgariad and I did get it to generate a name from the book that wasn't in the samples list.

The property minLength is the shortest name it can generate and the property order is the number of characters in the string it will look at. Don't set it to a number lower than 1.

I'm not sure when you would want to use this, maybe if you are making a RPG you could create new names every time you start the game. That could be fun.

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