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Geek Culture / NaGaCreMo!

Yodaman Jer
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Posted: 1st Jan 2015 19:08
Hi everybody!

For those wondering where NaGaCreMo went this year, rest assured that it's still going on!

The thread was posted in the NaGaCreMo board The Next made for us last year. Sadly, due to the inactivity of that board it was virtually never seen.

But there's still time to make a pledge of some kind! All you have to do is go here to this thread and sign up!

I look forward to whatever you guys will create! Let's make 2015 the most memorable NaGaCreMo yet!

It's back, baby!
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Posted: 1st Jan 2015 23:15 Edited at: 1st Jan 2015 23:22
Okay, I signed up.

I, TheComet, pledge to reach alpha phase of my project LightShip within the first 31 days of 2015.

(scroll down for pictures of the prototype)

[EDIT] Created the milestone for what I want to achieve until then here.

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Posted: 1st Jan 2015 23:16
Happy to see TheComet making progress with that project!

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