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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] << GLSL Mobile >> - create glsl shaders with your smartphone!

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 3rd Jan 2015 23:49 Edited at: 18th Jan 2015 22:13

GLSL Mobile.
[Work in Progress][70%]


Hello folks,

currently Iam working on a advanced textbox input system for my games
and I tought about a mobile editor for shaders. Yes that could be a funny thing.
My vision was to create an app, for mobile shader development. I other words, I wanted to code everywhere, at the waiting lines, in trains or in the subway. But maybe you may also like this application Maybe this
could help to get some serious "causal programming" skills

So I searched for some refeneces and found interesting snippets
from Jukuma with some shadertoy shaders.

(Thank you for the nice shaders and code, Jukama )
I thought this could be a good base to create an editor around it.
The input box function was nearly finished, so I needed some kind
of editor to try the function out.

I also use the AGK2 LIB library by Blendman for this project.
(Thank you for that code )

There is still much work to do. I have to write a function to
open and save the shaders. If I finish the textbox input function, I will release it here

Needed features before release:
* save feature
* load feature (I need a load/save dialogue first)
* some basic help files
* Settings like font size...
* more keywords (Currently the comments are highlighted)
* Edit options Copy/Paste

I will add the download here, once this changes are done.

This is the current progress:

What do you think about this one?

The Zoq2
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Joined: 4th Nov 2009
Location: Linköping, Sweden
Posted: 6th Jan 2015 10:38
This is a great idea and something I was looking around for when I started doing shader stuff.

I would love it if you managed to add syntax highlighting but I assume that would be hard

Say ONE stupid thing and it ends up as a forum signature forever. - Neuro Fuzzy
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Joined: 18th Nov 2003
Location: Germany
Posted: 7th Jan 2015 03:43
Good work Alex. I hope you make us a AppGameKit Shadertoy .
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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
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Posted: 7th Jan 2015 10:36
Interesting, tagging in...

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 7th Jan 2015 18:20 Edited at: 9th Jan 2015 02:50
Thank you for the positive feedback

Quote: "I would love it if you managed to add syntax highlighting but I assume that would be hard"

- I will add a syntax highlight feature to the textbox, so you
can define a keyword inside a function. This will not be a big problem.

Quote: "Good work Alex. I hope you make us a AppGameKit Shadertoy"

- Thank you Iam going to try this, I would really love to, but I have no idea how to write a php server for storing the files. If someone has the skills to write a php server, I will write the communication with the app.

This is the current code for the textbox.
I would not recommend to use it, because it will get laggy when using long text files. But for short ones, or experimental purposes, this code will be great. It can even mark a text segment
and is also compatible with android. There is also a char - replacement feature for the android keyboard. Not all displayed chars on the android keyboard will be recognized by the agk input, so I build a char replacement. To get any key input.

Well the biggest thing in this code is, that the whole textfile
is stored in just one string. I thought this could be a good idea,
but with long textfiles, this is going to be false because the function has always to check the whole string.

Well maybe someone could have a better idea to get the one string textfile to work. I will move to an array to store all lines of the text.

AGK V1 code ( about 3 integer definitions should be added for a v2 version)

I will add a text array and a lot of comments on the code in the next update. Even the performance with files over 2048 lines should be a lot of better

EDIT: you definitly have to wait for the array based textfield system.
The loading times for textfiles any size are gone with this new technique. I still remain with the one string to display all text, but now the text is read out of an array and much faster.

EDIT2: The new syntax highlight:

The textfield needs one debugging session to establish all features and will be available soon.
I have improved the source code and added a lot of comments

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 12th Jan 2015 20:12 Edited at: 13th Jan 2015 04:01
Texteditor source
AGK V1 and V2

Okay, I have rewritten the textfield function. Just copy/paste
this code, it should work without media.
All the speed problems with bigger files are gone.
I would really like to hear your comments on this code
If you find any bugs, please report it here.

* Edit text on Windows/Android
* Input char replacement system
* Syntax Highlight
* Comments
* Dynamic size
* Fast Loading/Saving/Editing

There are still some bugs in it, I will try to fix these first
But it looks quite finished yet. The next thing will be an open/save dialogue for the glsl mobile app.

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 17th Jan 2015 09:07 Edited at: 18th Jan 2015 09:59
The new open save dialogue

I will debug this and create a nice function of it, and will place it in the glsl editor.

Open Dialoge source code:

You need a folder called "textures" and 3 images in it,
all .png and 128x128.

"textures/file_empty.png" - empty 128x128 png
"textures/file_folder.png" - folder icon
"textures/file_file.png" - file icon

- enjoy!

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 18th Jan 2015 22:21 Edited at: 19th Jan 2015 08:58
Demo release! I've added some features and could release a demo.
I have already spotted some bugs, some features like the load/save dialogue is not intuitive everywhere, but it does the work and can
be tested.

You can create a new Shader project from a template or load one of the existing demos. (On my smartphone "blob" is the only one that will work without a signifcant frame drop.)

To save to the correct spot, you have to go inside the folder

To do List:
* Add the whole GLSL Syntax
* Helpfiles
* Settings (fullscreen/objectshader)
* Basic media set


EDIT: Yes, I got the android folder problem

On windows, I see every file and folder placed in the media folder and the sandboxfolder

on android, I only see the custom created ones from the sandbox, not the native folders and files.

Does anyone has a good solution for that?


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