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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Sprite as Level Image

Kai Ralfs
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Joined: 19th Jan 2015
Posted: 19th Jan 2015 10:17
Hi there,
i would use an Image as Sprite. The Image is an PNG with Transparence an cover the Window. (Size ist 480*800)
Can i use that as Levelimage? Also an Sprite that has Physic on and the Levelimage has Physic on to?

The Ballsprite has
The Levelimage has this too ... but the PLAYER_BALL does not shown.
When i set the levelimage Physic off than the Ball is Shown.

Or must i design every level one Sprite for Sprite?

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Posted: 19th Jan 2015 12:58
You won't be able to use one image as a physics-enabled level. You could still use it and add transparent sprites as static physics objects over the top.

It's a nice idea - a well-drawn background with invisible physics sprites. The disadvantage though is that you can't reuse your drawn platforms etc throughout the game.

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