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FPSC Classic Scripts / How do i make different music playing in different locations?

Deine Mutter
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Joined: 13th Jan 2015
Posted: 23rd Jan 2015 21:41
How can I do that: The Player walks into, let's say a village, and some nice Music Plays, but when the Player walks into a large City, the Music changes to an uneasy song. And when the Player gets caught by an enemy, some Action Music Plays. Is it possible to do that? I want a nice Transition, so it doesnt just Change song, but one fades out and one gets louder and reaches ist Maximum. Is this possible?
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Joined: 18th Aug 2009
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Posted: 26th Jan 2015 20:22
I ran across this script somewhere on the forums, maybe it will help.
Sinister Spoon
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Joined: 9th Sep 2008
Posted: 9th Mar 2015 15:38
Hmm wiz, the script you provided changes the volume based on distance to entity, I believe what is being sought after here is a way to change the actual piece of music being played,

Musicoverride= (file path to music file to play)

You can modify the musicvolume states in the script wizardous provided to get the fading in and out that you want, thats all controlled by the musicvolume=command and an etimer, getting the music to change on demand is easy.

Use the musicoverride=(filepath) to override the current background music and change it to a different piece, use the musicvolume= and a timer to create the fade in and out

Just remember fpsc handles one piece of background music only, and this as far as i know is the only audio source affected by musicvolume= (still havent found out how to change a sound's volume)

So once the piece has finished playing it will loop again until you select another piece, so say if the player is caught and you over ride the music, that piece will continue to play unless you set a condition and action to set it back, Ie playing a tense piece of music whenever the player is spotted, then in the command that checks to see if that player is no longer in view, a second music override will need to be in place to return the music back to its original state.

smoke em if you got em

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