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Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
Posted: 26th Jan 2015 17:41
As a user of Dark Basic Pro, and FPS Reloaded, some time ago I looked into AGK. At the time (2012) full 1st person 3D was not yet fully implemented, but there were indications that it was coming.

Does AGK2 fully implement explore-able 3D environments like DBpro and Reloaded?

Will there be a converter for FPR Reloaded levels into AGK2>


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Posted: 27th Jan 2015 15:52
It is possible to create and explore 3D levels already in AGK2, there is even an export tool for FPSC (original not reloaded) levels. What it doesn't have yet which you might be wanting are a physics engine and animated 3D objects. Currently users are animating separate objects to emulate proper boned animation.

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