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FPSC Classic Scripts / Question Storytellers adventure script pack?

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Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Location: Australia
Posted: 10th Mar 2015 02:49
Hey there, I have FPSCX9 V 1.18 no mod, I downloaded storytellers script pack, I assign the scripts to the entities (Dynamic) and they don't work, I dont get locked in and I dont get text either.

If someone can please let me know if I need to get a mod or if I need to change any text in the scripts if there's a difference to the pickup in the other mods and V1.18?
The Storyteller 01
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Posted: 17th Mar 2015 23:25 Edited at: 17th Mar 2015 23:25
Have you downloaded the old version which was originally done for FPSC Fenix Mod? If yes, that one doesn't work with any other version of FPSC.

I made a new version (with some other bugs and spelling errors ironed out)that is tested to work with the current (unofficial) build 1.20.017.

You can download it from my gaming blog (scroll to the bottom)

In case you find my grammar and spelling weird ---> native German speaker ^^

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