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3 Dimensional Chat / Who would like to work with on a 3d anime style Western Jrpg?

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Joined: 7th Jun 2015
Posted: 7th Jun 2015 22:44
I'm writing a story for a game and just wanna get this idea outta my head. The story is about a teen who gets trapped in the dream world and soon receives powers from a mysterious white light that guides the main character throughout the story and must interact with the denizens of the dream world called arcobaleno and fight monsters that inhabit the dream world. The white light allows you to explore different plains of the dreamworld where you will meet people from alternate dimensions including some characters from certain anime and games as guest stars. The battle system would look like a cut scene for example the show RWBY but interactive and you have a lot of attacks to choose from so that the game doesn't get boring and repetitive the battle system isn't final but it's a idea so far.

I'm not a game designer yet but I will be going to school to learn soon. So what do you think?

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