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3 Dimensional Chat / BSP to X or BSP to 3D Studio converter?

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Joined: 10th Apr 2008
Posted: 30th Jun 2015 20:54
Hi all,
I'm using Dark GDK and a friend sent me a BSP file, well its not loading for one reason or another, but the thing is Im building my current project around X files for levels, then I wonder, is there any converter to X file or 3DS or anything I can load in 3D Studio and from there export to X? I have found other threads where this was asked before but never found a working converter, in fact found one in random page and it crashes here, maybe it was not fully tested. Well thank you beforehand for any help reagrding this, I have been searching for it for some days and either my search patterns are all wrong or it doesnt exist.

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