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Geek Culture / September Newsletter is out!

TGC Development Director
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Joined: 27th Apr 2000
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 16th Sep 2015 23:49

The TGC September Newsletter is now out.



Development Director
TGC Team
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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Posted: 18th Sep 2015 21:26
nice write up on the encryption/decryption

Forum Vice President
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Joined: 20th May 2010
Location: Northern Tablelands, NSW, Australia
Posted: 6th Dec 2015 12:38
Ancient sticky much? Not sure if you still have the newsletter going, though...
Dark Java Dude 64
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Joined: 21st Sep 2010
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Posted: 6th Dec 2015 20:19
Agreed, ancient sticky! The "Name Requests" thread seems a little irrelevant too; while carrying a fully valid point, it doesn't seem that name change requests have been an issue for some time.
"It also shoots blue flames sometimes, which is startling in the most exquisite of ways." -- Self

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