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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Arkeos Chronicles (Sort of RPG action)

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Joined: 11th Jan 2005
Location: Adelaide
Posted: 7th Oct 2018 00:01
Fantastic work
Chris Tate
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Joined: 29th Aug 2008
Location: London, England
Posted: 13th Oct 2018 22:19
Could do with a Blendman section in the forum.
Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Posted: 13th Oct 2018 23:17 Edited at: 13th Oct 2018 23:19
No blendman i dont mean all use add blockers
But i can tell you that add Revenue dropped alot after european union infringed the privacy act where Companys like admob neads consent from every one to pin Point adds etc.
and admob is very delayed.
i usually gets chunks of Revenue 2-3 times a month and sometimes small amounts everyday…
i Think that have something to do with wath adds are being displayed and dont really know.
But there is a huge drop since the privacy act.

But i dont know how it works from the piracy sites if they do anything to the apps??

Goggle my apps pixelstein and not Another retro pixel game and see how many sites that have them for download that i have not allowed or uploaded to.
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Location: Arkeos
Posted: 24th Feb 2021 10:15

Just a message to say I'm working again on my super cool game "arkeos chronicle" .

The news :
- now, the game is totally free (no adds, no iap...)
- I have made the game to be completely offline. We can play offline, without network. I have commented all the online code (because I don't have any server for the game, and I want to concentrate on the offline mode).

In a futur version, I will tried to add the code to play Arkeos on Ouya (so, I have to add joystick input code everywhere in my code ^^).

Cheers !
AGK2 tier1 -
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Posted: 25th Feb 2021 00:46

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