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Posted: 19th Sep 2015 05:48 Edited at: 21st Sep 2015 23:48

When you host a game, it takes a few attempts for rehosting and for people to connect. Make sure to portforward 2303 to your connection if your host and you must have your hamachi server online. Then, send your hamachi IP and information to your friends so they can join. If they want to be host, they must be portforwarded as well. If thier not host and you are, they don\\\'t have to portforward. But, you must always use the Hamachi IP and must always portforward 2303.

If your game is saying, \"Waiting to join\". You have probably typed the Ip wrong or the host needs to rehost or see if he portforwarded.

DO NOT MESS WITH THE SETUP FILE. DON\\\'T USE THE FILES IN YOUR GAME OR CONTENT. I hope you guys have fun and enjoy. Email: to report glitches.

Programs used: Fps Creator by TheGameCreators,
MsPaint by Microsoft, Sound recorder by Microsoft

Game idea and level design by: Andrew Allen.

Models: Modelpacks 1,36 models by TheGameCreators, Darkcity
models by cosmicprophet, guns by errantai.

Textures: Modelpacks 1,36 Textures by TheGameCreators, Darkcity
Textures by cosmicprophet, gun textures by errantai,
default textures by TheGameCreators.

Scripts: Scripts by TheGameCreators.

sounds: Gun sounds by ErrantAI, other sounds by Andrew Allen,
Default sounds by TheGameCreators.

Music by TheGameCreators

[Computer requirments]
Graphics card = DX9 256mb or higher
Processor = dual core 3.0GHz or higher
Ram = 3 GB of ram or higher
Operating system = Windows XP or higher

After getting a game, press a number from Swat or SAS and hit enter. Don\\\'t kill your teamates.
esc = pause
tab = frags(kills) and ping / frames
W,A,S,D \\\\ < ^ \\\\/ > = move
c = duck
r = reload
t = talk (enter to post in chat)
mouse = look
click = shoot
R-click = zoom
1-9 \\\\ scroll = switch weapon
0 = put away weapon
Comma and period keys change your brightness.
To kill yourself, type K I L.

Gameplay 1
GamePlay 2



Want to know how to get your multiplayer game to work? Go here:

Want to play with me? post down below!~ ^O^

I am a friendly dev!~ ^o^

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