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FPSC Classic Scripts / Winzone Enquiry. Skip the fade? Instant Level End?

Sinister Spoon
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Joined: 9th Sep 2008
Posted: 20th Sep 2015 21:32
Hi everyone. Sorry havent been around much been swamped with polish and tweaks for the first official public Alpha (going up here at some point, over on indie db and a few other places)

But yeah Subject says it all, anyway to skip the end of level fade?
Got a video playing with a win condition prior so .. :state=10:win,video=etc...,destroy the idea being its a pc boot sequence ending the level and a video in the loading screen for next continues, it would be seamless from testing were it not for that slow end of level fade.

ANY way to get rid of this? Espescially since its using Black Ice once more? Looking at you S4

Really would be nice to have a winfade=1/0 option or something to allow us toggle between fade and instant.

I had a good mooch round the forums but can only really find stuff relating to winzones and storyzones on top etc, this isnt what im looking for, just a way to disable that slow end of level fade out after the video and the win command have done their thing.

smoke em if you got em

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