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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Multiplayer Game over internet & 3G ? Without Lan / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

Alex Goaga
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Joined: 6th Nov 2015
Posted: 6th Nov 2015 07:29
Hey guys, I'm having a problem configuring the AppGameKit multiplayer to connect to the remote host over 3G or Internet connection. I tried on Lan configuration ( works perfect ) also on Wi-Fi / Hot-Spot connection ( also works great ) but when i tried to connect all the devices / computers from out-side of the newtwork it seems that the connection cannot be established.

Yes , i made port forwarding ( i have a rooter and i'm using port 1025 )
For the host command and connection i used :
global ip_server$ = "my-online-ip"

NetworkID = HostNetwork ( ip_server$, "Player 1", 1025 )

and for the joining player :

NetworkID = JoinNetwork ( ip_server$ , randomplayername$ )

I'm posting this because i think i made some kind of mistake somewhere....?..

For learning i used some tutorials on youtube about sprite collisions etc etc and for the multiplayer status and start-up :

Also note if i use this command :

NetworkID = JoinNetwork ( ip_server$ , 1025 ,randomplayername$ )

It does connect for....5 seconds and then disconnects from the network ( i tested this only on lan )

If the entire code is required to find the issue i can post it...

Thank you for your time,
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Joined: 14th Apr 2015
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 21st Dec 2015 13:28
are you using a local IP address (ie 192.x.x.x) or public IP Address?

The 3G stuff will connect to the Public IP Address of your network (issued by your ISP). If this is not static, it will change randomly.

Dynamic DNS services will give you a hostname that is tied to your Public IP Address ie will resolve to the my routers public address.

I could then use this hostname to connect.

Post the code (or at least the value for ip_server$). I expect this issue is down to either your code using the local IP address OR firewall/security on the router.
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Joined: 21st Dec 2015
Location: FRANCE
Posted: 21st Dec 2015 21:51

I'm new comer on AppGameKit, but i can try to help you if you post your code.
If you were able to have a connection for 5s, your network configuration should good.


Sorry about my english, i'm french

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