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FPSC Classic Showcase / Private Alpha: Chapter 1

Victor (CrafterVic)
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Joined: 14th Nov 2015
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Posted: 14th Nov 2015 00:44
Hello people who still use or like FPS Creator! I made a full chapter of the Private Alpha series.

I used Nomad mod and the Black Ice mod to make it look guuud, and have used several model packs for this game, also with Cosmic Prophet's stuff as well. Here's download if you don't have an account:
Please give feedback, This is my first full game!
Chapter two is being worked on, along with other projects like Brain Forcer, a puzzle game involving physics.
Bugs can be found in the game, as it is FPS Creator. I have fixed several of them, but some I still don't know how to get around to fix.
I hope people see this, because most forums I see here are locked or dead, and have been posted several years ago. The ones I found that have been posted a month ago or so, are also dead or locked.
Logged in people can download from attachments or the GameJolt thingy.
Hope you enjoy modders, anons, and members!



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