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FPSC Classic Showcase / [X9] Broken Heart

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Joined: 13th Mar 2013
Posted: 8th Jan 2016 15:12 Edited at: 3rd Aug 2016 10:02
Trailer del gioco

Ti chiami Mark Jhonson e sei un soldato che combatte nella seconda guerra mondiale. Durante una missione, perde i sensi, e l'ultima cosa che vede e il suo amico David che gli muore accanto. Al suo risveglio si ritrova in una stanza, e non ricorda più nulla. L'unica cosa che sa e che deve fare e di fuggire da li, e di ritrovare la strada di casa. Non e la speranza l'ultima a morire, ma è il morire la speranza.

il gioco e ancora in fase di elaborazione, per avere aggiornamenti seguitemi su:

English( JLMoondog Edit):
Your name is Mark Jhonson and you are a soldier fighting in World War II . During a mission , he faints , and the last thing he sees and his friend David who dies next . When he wakes up he finds himself in a room and does not remember anything . The only thing I know and that has to do and to get away from them , and to find the way home . Not hope springs eternal , but it is the death of hope.

the game and still being processed , for updates follow me on :
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Posted: 8th Mar 2016 10:37
English please?
I love to make games
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Posted: 19th May 2016 03:15
Greetings. It was very difficult to understand what was going on due to lack of English but there are bigger problems here. Before releasing a game you need to Beta test a game with a few other people to get feedback on what to fix and change. The biggest Game creation sin of all time is not play testing your own game for errors before you release it in any form. Here are just a few game breaking bugs that I found.
*Multiple doors that were not supposed to be accessed were openable to the outside skybox. This destroys the illusion of the whole experience.
*Dead body models that are for decoration need to have collision turned off. It plays with the player collision causing you to fall through the floor.
*The key in the bathroom before the elevator does not open the elevator. I only got past it because I know how to manipulate the files.
*The elevator was turned so that a handrail was blocking the elevator entrance.
*Before entering the theatre area (that has no theatre) the entire outside has no textures.
* I see you tried for multiple endings but one of them didn't end the game, it just played a movie then I chose the other path to end the game.

Hope this helps in future developments.

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