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AppGameKit Classic Chat / What's with all the SPAM?

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Joined: 10th Feb 2004
Location: Essex, UK
Posted: 1st May 2016 17:36 Edited at: 1st May 2016 17:37
Anybody else getting hammered with e-mails from TGC? I don't mind the odd e-mail here and there, but this takes the micky:

My inbox:

V2 T1 (Mostly)
Phone Tap!


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Joined: 12th Dec 2002
Playing: Badges, I don't need no stinkin badges
Posted: 1st May 2016 18:02
Yes, I have gotten 40 so far and they keep coming.
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Joined: 10th Apr 2003
Location: Canada
Posted: 1st May 2016 18:11
looks like its finally time to mark TGC as delete mail at server .
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Joined: 30th Mar 2004
Location: @IBOL17
Posted: 2nd May 2016 01:38
I have no idea about the actual situation, but we have all seen weird behavior on the web... I doubt they would intentionally send that many emails about the same thing.
The Next
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Joined: 3rd Dec 2007
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 2nd May 2016 17:15 Edited at: 2nd May 2016 17:17
We are sorry for sending duplicate emails, we had an issue with the mail system that meant it sent multiple copies to a portion of the user base.

We have fixed the issue that caused this and it won't happen again.
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