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AppGameKit Classic Chat / New theme for Geany - BLACK

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Joined: 10th Jul 2003
Location: Yorkshire
Posted: 26th May 2016 19:48 Edited at: 29th May 2016 16:47
I like my themes like I like my coffee - strong and black!
None of the available themes are black enough for my taste so I've made my own and decided to share.
There's both files here - one to change the main Geany UI and the other for the text area.

For the UI:
Unzip ScraggleBlack.rar into this folder ....\AGK2\Tier 1\Editor\share\themes\
Then change the last line of ....\AGK2\Tier 1\Editor\data\geany.gtkrc to point to the it's folder and restart Geany.

For the text area:
Copy Scraggle.conf into here: ....\AGK2\Tier 1\Editor\data\colorschemes\
then from Geany go to View->Change Color Scheme and select Scraggle.

AGK V2 user - Tier 1 (mostly)


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