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Android / apps working fine for some and not opening at all for others?

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Posted: 28th Jul 2016 12:38
anyone know any reasons or had experience with an app working fine for some and not opening at all for others?
all using android and all using the same version from the google store.
is there an error log created on the user end or is it only the report from the google dev if they get prompted to send an error request? (i haven't received any so don't think they're even getting a prompt as the game doesn't even start)
unfortunately(?) the apps all work perfectly for me on my android phone (and others have no issues either) so i'm just curious if there are some common things i may have missed that can cause issues (individual file size for example?)

i'm waiting for an update to be processed (new version should be out in few hours after this post) which will adjust image resolutions to power of 2 and some other minor tweaks but i'm not sure it's really going to help so here's the links to a couple of the apps with the issue, can anyone help test if it's working please?
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