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Android / Soft navigation buttons overlapping my games buttons.

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Joined: 28th Mar 2015
Posted: 21st Aug 2016 22:55
I dont know when exactly this started to happen, but the soft navigation buttons are being placed on top of my games buttons (checked on nexus 5). Previously, i guess agk::GetDeviceHeight( ) returned a few pixels less so i could set my resolution to that and avoid the overlapping. Worst of all, and maybe related to this, all pointer events captured are shifted down on the nexus' screen, about the same amount as the height of the navigation buttons bar. On older versions of the game (with older AGKs) this didnt happen, but it did ran on older versions of android also. none of these problems happen on devices that dont have on screen navigation buttons.
I already tried the top google answers about this, namely putting

in the agk native activity style, but that only makes the bar translucent instead of transparent, and doesnt solve the problem.
Is anyone else having this issue ? thanks for any help.


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