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Bug Reports / Can't use custom resolutions with open source DBPRO

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Posted: 22nd Aug 2016 10:43 Edited at: 22nd Aug 2016 10:52
Hi, i don't know if it is a feature or a problem,

but when i want to use a resolution ie of "set display mode 928,700,32,1" in window mode, no way to work.

i'm going to release a car game, developed with a previous version, and no prob resolution works. (version 1.071)

but now i'm starting a new project using the open source version. and it isn't working.

here's the code

dim k(40):rem constant for game 1=resx 2=resy

cls 0
ink rgb(255,0,0),0
text rnd(50)*10,rnd(40)*10,"test"
until mouseclick()


function display(x,y)
rem display function
set display mode x,y,32,1
sync on:autocam off:backdrop on
set window on:hide mouse
w=desktop width():h=desktop height():px=(w-x)/2:py=(h-y)/2
a#=x:b#=y:c#=a#/b#:set camera aspect c#
set camera range 5,5000
set window position px,py
set window layout 0,0,0

thanks. Ermes


resolved replacing the "compiler" folder with the previous working one, and work. even if it is a mux version

still a problem of opensource version for me.
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