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iOS and MacOS / app disappears after itunes sync issue

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Posted: 31st Aug 2016 00:52 Edited at: 6th Sep 2016 23:59
im having an issue trying to transfer an app to the iphone 5c

basically i load the ipa into itunes, hit install and sync and it shows the app installing on my phone then nothing. it completely dissapears. i updated itunes and the iphone, authorized my account through itunes, and even reset/erased the phone numerous times but i still have no idea what would be causing this issue.

maybe someone on the forum would know about this problem cause im out of answers


ok, noob mistake all i had todo was include the iphone 5 i was testing into the provisioning profile and it worked.

make sure you get the UDID from itunes to include in the devices tab on the ios developer acct
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