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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Any older members from 6-8 years ago?

Captain Coder
FPSC Reloaded TGC Backer
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Joined: 6th Jul 2011
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Posted: 14th Sep 2016 00:24
Hi all,

I have a few questions - really anyone can answer these, but I guess I'm looking for the more veteran audience as I might recognize a few of them -

1) While I did back FPSC Reloaded at the onset of my college education (2013 or perhaps 2014), I got swallowed up in my school work and never really kept up with its development, especially after I got more heavily involved in playing games like Planetside 2. So, while I know it's now a more general click/drag GameGuru, I'm wondering: what has changed with FPSC specifically? I saw somewhere here on TGC that FPSC has gone open source! Also these forums appear to be wholly dead, but I'm posting in the hopes maybe someone will happen to see this.

2) I remember there was a game called Alpha Project developed by Lewis/LewyRawr ( (for some reason "LewyRawr" stands out to me and not Lewis in memory, I have no idea why that is). As I saw this in development before I had gotten into gaming (I was still living at home and games were banned from the house - FPSC was allowed in under the guise that it was a tool to "create" and be "productive" by creating games ), I was thoroughly enchanted, thrilled, and terrified by the horror, and the in-development footage I saw of that game has left me with a keen (albeit not very strong) desire to make a game heavily inspired by it. I remember seeing a video where Lewis had apparently decided to switch to Unity or some other other engine because he was having technical issues with the FPSC engine (no surprises there). Coming back for a peek at progress a few years later though, and it looks as though everything is just... gone. His YT, image sharing account, download link for the game. There's nothing, and there's very limited footage of the game available online. Does anyone know what happened to the game? Lewis? I didn't know him at all other than his name here on the forums. Have yet to try email but I have two math exams this week and don't want to devote too much time right at this moment to tracking him/the game down.

Thanks in advance!
~Captain Coder
Former avid rookie game developer who now just studies in college, plays games, dreams about making his dream game, and derps really hard.
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Posted: 15th Sep 2016 22:07
Hi Captain Coder nice to see you again
Quote: " I'm wondering: what has changed with FPSC specifically?"

The biggest improvement I think was Nomad's mod which combined into what
is now "Black Ice Mod". The main thread is at the top of this forum. Big performance
improvement, shaders, and much more. Read thru it and see.

Quote: " I saw somewhere here on TGC that FPSC has gone open source! "

Yes, here's a quick link to the files...

Yes, it's quiet here now. Most have jumped to Game Guru
My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...

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