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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Compiled app/game

User Banned
Posted: 14th Oct 2016 12:12

Am I right in thinking that when we compile app / games - that the Media folder needs to be also in the folder (which includes all the graphics etc) plus the all important bytecode.byc file
which makes the game run.

I also tested that if all the media is not there in the fully compiled game, then the game doesn't work or looks horrible (with no sprites), so think that they all need to be present in Media folder


just curious really, if this can be done or not or am I going against AppGameKit rules of a compiled game and contents.

That is, if there is any way of perhaps in AppGameKit to maybe (encrypting/decrypiting) everything in the media folder before distribution to sell our games

So when the game starts, the contents are firstly (decrypted) and then the game runs normally Its a way to protect our artwork
etc - so that no one can re-use our artwork creations etc


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