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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Input boxes in AGK

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Posted: 18th Oct 2016 08:37

I have been through docs for AppGameKit and there doesn't seem to be any kind of Input Boxes, so can enter anything.

Useful if like to pop name down on a highscore table?

Is there anything like an input command or could it be a new challenge to indeed create one with the use of functions


Convert the GetRawLastKey() to Ascii and print it

Use of the BackSpace would delete one character before

Use of the Del would delete one character ahead

Use of the left / right cursor keys would move the input cursor

Enter would accept what characters that currently in the box

Set the result to a string (multiple of characters/numbers) or an integer (numbers only)

Like say - very useful if wanting to ask to enter a value or a name in a game


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Posted: 18th Oct 2016 09:01
CreateEditBox() or StartTextInput() is probably what you are after...
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