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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [T2] How to merge AGK into another Android Studio project?

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Posted: 16th Dec 2016 18:13
Hello folks,

I am just moving over to T2 and I am trying to understand the structure behind the AppGameKit Android Studio project inside the T2 files.
I want to merge the AppGameKit functionality into another android studio project. I found some ways to include special libraries from AppGameKit, in order to create
clients to communicate with an AppGameKit game Server, but now I need more visual stuff and decided to merge the full AppGameKit studio project in the main app. The main App has the same
SDK, NDK and Java version as AppGameKit, and most of the code of the main app is also made in C++. I am a little bit confused about the additional files,
like the file.
I have no idea where to start the project merging process.

Do you have a clue for me?


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