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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / A conceptual idea

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Posted: 25th Dec 2016 23:28

A good conceptual idea for a game would be compendium game based upon Time and Seasons


If the time is 06.00 when you start playing a game - the background will look like morning, or 17.00 - the background looks like evening

If the season is winter time, perhaps put a weather system in to show Snow!, summer is purly sun

If the season is Easter then have an easter game in with chucky eggs, if its around xmas - then have santa game etc

If the seasons is around Nov - then game to do with bonfire, fireworks and Halloween

all the other times then just a joyful standard looking professional game with added features as described above

Just a thought

I just hate to play an App for 1 hour and then put it down to never play again


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Posted: 26th Dec 2016 10:46
Many games already do this. Pokemon is even one of them. WoW I believe is another.

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Posted: 16th Jan 2017 06:53 Edited at: 16th Jan 2017 06:56
Animal Crossing is the game you described.
It runs in real time, day/night cycle, has all the festivals we had in real life, birthday, seasons, weather, fishing, bug catching, fossil digging, gardening,
On days of festivals all the townpeople go around celebrating, plays firecrackers, ect.
Animal/bugs/fish that you can catch depends on seasons, and time of day.
On Saturday you can watch concert at the cafe.
At different time of the year, the constellations in the sky change accordingly.

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