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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / iap in game currency problem

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Posted: 16th Jan 2017 21:10 Edited at: 16th Jan 2017 21:10
im having an issue getting my game accepted on itunes. basically they keep rejecting the binary because they are not getting a response from the abilities menu screen in my game. But the reason they are not getting a response is because they dont have enough orbs (the extra life in the abilities menu costs 1000 orbs, but you start the game with only 100 orbs). i have actual in app purchase items that you can buy with real money to get more orbs but you dont spend real money on the extra life ability, just orbs.

so itunes is basically treating the extra life ability as an iap because it says "buy 1000" orbs to get an extra life.

in other words im asking should i change it so that you buy the powerups directly with real money instead of spending orbs? or make it so that the abilities are locked until you have enough orbs to buy them?


also im let me know of ways you guys have implemented iap in your app that isnt rejected by itunes
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