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Android / Google Play Game Services

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Joined: 18th Jan 2017
Posted: 18th Jan 2017 21:39
Hello everyone!
I just bought App Game Kit 2 and I'm wondered if I can use Google Play Game Services (such as Leaderboards, achievments etc.) in my Android game. I can't find any commands in the documentation (only commands for using iOS Game Center).
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Posted: 18th Jan 2017 22:44
The Game Center commands connect to the appropriate service for the platform the game is running on. If you are running on Android it will connect to Google Game Services.
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Posted: 19th Jan 2017 14:17
Welcome to AGK2 Danieo!

One thing to be aware of: Using a leaderboard whilst broadcasting your app (for testing) appears to break the leaderboard, so you will need to create another in Google Game Services in your dev console (not fully confirmed, but at least that was the experience I had when creating Aaargh! Ducks!, and Funnel7 had a similar experience with Block Shot! so worth keeping in mind).
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Posted: 20th Jan 2017 10:45
Where do you put the Application Ids ( as requested in Google development) such as App ID, Achievement I'D & Leader board ID in your AppGameKit code.

Also, did you use Tier 2 (as most suggest on the forums) or just normal Tier 1 code to setup/use a leader board?

If you could give us a brief overview of setting up a leader board with the Gamecenter commands & the setup screens in Google dev that would be great.

Good luck on your games CJB. Hope they do well.

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