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Geek Culture / android help, email app

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Posted: 31st Jan 2017 14:10
I hate androids so much, but work requires I use it.

I have subfolders created in outlook that have rules in place to automatically place certain emails into those folders. This is setup with exchange so emails as they come into my phone are filtered the same way. However, the android mail app only shows emails in subfolders if I click on the dropdown and select individual folders. I can't waste my time checking every subfolder to see if I have new emails (time-sensitive mail). I want to be able to glance at my inbox and see all my folders at once. Can I do this? I'd prefer to keep my subfolders intact for organizational purposes, but on my phone I want to see everything at once.

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Posted: 31st Jan 2017 15:54 Edited at: 31st Jan 2017 16:02
Yeah, this is irritating. I don't think you can set it to give a 'flat' folderless view in the default mail app. There may be alternate mail apps that may work.

I've just altered my rules so that critical and time sensitive messages/alerts always go to main inbox, this may not be practical depending on the number and types of messages/senders you are working with.

Be sure to check your folder sync settings as subfolders will be set to manual sync by default. If a folder gets set to auto, it should still pop a notification on the lock screen, which can take you to that folder, but it won't show in the new message count on the app icon.

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