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AppGameKit Chat / RenderToImage and drawsprite()

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Posted: 17th Feb 2017 16:36 Edited at: 17th Feb 2017 16:52

I'm looking for a way to draw a sprite, with transparency set to 1 (to get the shades of transparency) and not get the border of the alpha chanel.

I know If I use SetSpriteTransparency(sprite,0), I can get the correct blending, but I lost all the shades of transparency when I paint (it's to paint on a rendertoImage with sprite)

The code to explain the issue :
+ Code Snippet

I have tried with a shader, without success.
An idea on how to get the good drawing without border and with the use of SetSpriteTransparency(sprite,1) (to have the shade of alpha) ?

I have add an image to explain the issue, and what I would like to have :
AGK2 tier1 -


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