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iOS and MacOS / Normal Windows User with Questions About OSX and iOS

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Joined: 12th Apr 2010
Posted: 6th Mar 2017 14:19 Edited at: 6th Mar 2017 14:22
Howdy my Apple-y compatriots! I'm normally a Windows/Android user, but I have a friend who I'd like to write a simple application for and AppGameKit seems like the simplest way for me to code something that can be run by OSX/iOS. I looked at the iOS side first, since this is a ridiculously simple application, but it looks like I would need at a minimum to purchase a Developer's certificate, even if my friend is the only one that will use this app. Is this correct?

If so, do I need any kind of Developer's certificate to make something that will run on a Mac with AppGameKit? I gather from the documentation that I would need to have a Mac to compile the code on, which I could probably do. I just want to make sure that once it's compiled there's nothing special I have to do other than give my friend a zip file or executable for them to run it. Is this true?

Much appreciated for any information you can provide! Be sure to use your best "this guy is stupid" voice, because I am a total Apple neophyte. Thanks!

*Edit*: Please take no implications from my use of the word "Normal" in my title. I meant "One who uses Windows normally", not that Windows is by any means the "Normal" OS and Mac is the oddball. :
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Posted: 8th Mar 2017 15:41
It is not that simple. Yes, you would need that membership so you can sign your app. Then you would need to configure it in iTunesConnect. From there you can submit your application and send your friend a code to redeem it. It doesn't have to be put up for sale. You could also make your friend a beta tester on iTUnesconnect and he could would get notified everytime you wanted to push a build to him. Just keep in mind that you will never be able to just copy a file onto the iPhone. It is a totally closed system

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