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iOS and MacOS / A question for IOS developers here..

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Joined: 22nd Mar 2017
Posted: 22nd Mar 2017 12:19

I am thinking of coming over from the GLBASIC language over to thegamecreator as support has dwindled for GLBASIC and iOS 10 etc.

Its a big commitment really so I would like to ask a few questions and maybe someone can help answer..

First off - is AppGameKit kept up to date - will it compile 64 bit code for IOS 10 for example?

Does it support the iCade game controller at al? Does it support the new MFI controllers?

In GLBASIC it had compiler pre-processor commands so I could build one app and have the compiler ignore the IOS code and just compile for example the section for windows.

sort of:

//code to compile if on windows only

same for iOS etc.

there is another way saying for example

IF Devicetype = "windows" do this etc but the way above was choosing at compile time...

Is this available?

Any comments welcome thanks..

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