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Geek Culture / StarCraft 1 - Remastered!

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Posted: 29th Mar 2017 00:20 Edited at: 29th Mar 2017 00:25

I was a huge SC1 fan and I am extremely excited they've remastered this game. I will definitely be laddering when this comes out. I hope some of us can play together in team battles!

Do you think they kept the terrible dragoon AI in tact? Do you think we can still only select 12 units at a time? Do you think setting a rally point on the mineral fields from your main building is not possible?

Consider joining my discord server if you see yourself buying and playing this game!

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Posted: 29th Mar 2017 03:21
SC was one RTS I never really got into. Which is odd considering it became one of the most popular.

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Posted: 29th Mar 2017 12:39
I always enjoyed single player... I couldn't play online because I was terrible. I'd play a remastered version.

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