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Geek Culture / wow, intel 3rd gen is expensive!!!

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Posted: 25th Apr 2017 15:29
In fall of 2012, I built a pretty nice PC for about $1200. That includes the case, 16GB of ram, BD player, SSD drive, and a GTX 560 (now a 660). It also included this bad boy processor:

That CPU now costs almost as much as my entire build did.... with that very same chip! For the first (and probably only) time in my life, I invested in a computer that appreciated in value :p

But seriously, any clue as to why it's so freaking expensive? I think I paid just under $300 for it back then. I do know a year down the road, folks still really wanted it as it was proving to be one one of the best CPUs to overclock and was outperforming the 4th generation in several areas. But now with skylake out, can it still really be that desirable that folks want a 5 year old architecture?

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Posted: 25th Apr 2017 16:17 Edited at: 25th Apr 2017 16:22
It's $342 on Amazon, a pricing error on NewEgg?

[Edit] looking at reviews for E.O.L they are a very dodgy supplier, shipping old stock as new. Looks like they may be trying to pass this off as the latest processor.
They also seem to be very very unlucky. the number of packages they claim to have been lost in transit is phenomenal.
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