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Android / ShowRewardAdAdMob() causes orientation to change and breaks the app

Roy Lazarovich
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Joined: 25th Jan 2017
Posted: 17th May 2017 14:05
Re-posting as I did not receive an answer in the newcomers section

Hi Guys.

I've implemented rewarded videos in my app, which is set to portrait mode with no auto-orientation ( SetOrientationAllowed(1, 1, 0, 0) )
When the rewarded video plays, it changes the orientation anyway, this wouldn't be an issue except that when getting back to the app, the touch screen is no longer working properly, tapping on random areas of the screen will generate taps on buttons which are not visually there (seems like because of the orientation change, the mapping of taps on the touchscreen to the position on screen gets messed up)

Did anyone encounter this? and is there any way of preventing the video from changing the orientation, or, failing that, make the app recalibrate the touch screen so that everything works as intended?


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