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Android / OSX and jniCompile.bat

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Joined: 17th May 2017
Posted: 21st May 2017 00:44
Anyway to develop for android on OSX? I cant run jniCompile.bat. I bought AppGameKit because its say that is multiplataform... But its not.
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Joined: 28th Sep 2015
Posted: 24th May 2017 07:35 Edited at: 24th May 2017 07:38
You can create multi platform app, but the creation process itself is not necessarily multi platform. The Tier 2 Android app in particular are indeed tailored for Windows IDE.
But since that particular .bat file is intended to build with NDK, and NDK itself is available for Mac, then logically you can use some equivalent commands in Mac. Batch file are, after all, just a bunch of command.

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