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Geek Culture / Mods List Generator

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Joined: 25th May 2017
Posted: 25th May 2017 09:18 Edited at: 28th May 2017 08:04
Hello everyone
(excuse my english please)

I've made a little script to create a list of mods that where installed with the Nexus Mod Manager.
Thought I'd share it here too just in case somebody was looking for something like this.

Here's an example HTML list (my Fallout 4 installation):
(more output formats available)

Here's the current version 1.0 zip:;a=snapshot;h=15795aaea589917bd9d42c4d72a8c61960ddbc8e;sf=zip
(or browse for the latest yellow version tag: )

You can also read the README.txt online which explains everything in detail:;a=blob_plain;f=doc/README.txt;h=2d1d8f9acd50360cba68d7478f41c2a658cd2dd3;hb=HEAD

And here's a tutorial video for those who have no clue how to run a Python script:
( )

So long, have a good one.
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Joined: 20th Nov 2012
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Posted: 25th May 2017 10:54
Did you join just to post this?

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Joined: 25th May 2017
Posted: 26th May 2017 11:22
Yes I did. Got recommended to cross-post it here, because there might be people that are interested in it too.
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Joined: 4th Jul 2003
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Posted: 27th May 2017 02:25 Edited at: 27th May 2017 02:26
I'm a mod, am I on the list?
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Joined: 21st Sep 2010
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Posted: 27th May 2017 07:30
Quote: "I'm a mod, am I on the list?"

The List:
-Various Mods
-More Mods
-Various Other Mods

Hey, it looks like you are!
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