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Windows / Roblox Zombie Name

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Joined: 28th Jun 2017
Posted: 28th Jun 2017 06:53
Hello people I need help making up name ideas i had for a zombie game anything will be helpful thank you
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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
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Posted: 5th Jul 2017 11:59
Zombliox or Zomblox.
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Joined: 15th Jul 2017
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017 15:37
Zomblex or Zombodrom
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Joined: 7th Jun 2017
Posted: 4th Aug 2017 11:58
Hot Date of the Dead
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Joined: 4th Jan 2005
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Posted: 19th Aug 2017 15:03
How about: Zombie Buster
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Posted: 16th Oct 2017 16:28 Edited at: 16th Oct 2017 16:45
Quote: "Hello people I need help making up name ideas i had for a zombie game anything will be helpful thank you"

Do you mean a name for the game, or names for the Zombies???

George A. Romero's 'Day of the Dead' had a zombie named "Bub". (the doctor named him that after his dad's old nickname)

Bub actually talked and said "Hello aunt Alicia" when the doctor was testing him to see if he could remember to use a telephone.

Mr. Romero's 'Land of the Dead' had a zombie named "Big Daddy" who was a former gas station attendant/owner. (the gas station was named 'Big Daddy's')

Big Daddy turned zombie leader and led a zombie horde into 'Fidddler's Green'.

Both of those Zombies were smart enough to remember how to shoot guns!

Using those names for zombies would be a nice shout out to the Zombie Master.

Quote: "Hot Date of the Dead"

If you watch the commentary for "Survival of the Dead" you will hear George Romero talking about wanting a better name for the movie.

He says it was imagining a real 'battle' when writing it, but all the good names were already taken. (I already had the name he wanted to use)

I have "Battle of the Dead" already , so don't use that one. (I have had the rights to the name for years, and need to get back on that project)

"Blank of the Dead" is the name of George Romero's production company, so that is taken too.

A good rule of thumb would be to search the domain name, and if the .com is available, then the name should be okay to use. (with exceptions so google it too)

Anyone who is serious about using an "________ of the dead" name for their game/movie/book should have registered the domain name prior to announcing the project to the public.

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