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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Could someone possibly program a game asset decompiler for FPSC X9?

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Joined: 13th Jun 2017
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Posted: 12th Jul 2017 05:34
Hi there! I was wondering if there's anyone who has made or intends to make a game decompiler (maps/models/etc.) so people who want to mess around with old games they created can have there assets back if they have lost it for some reason. I currently have a few games I created back in my high school days which I'd love to update and stuff since they wipe the school servers every year and my computers HDD with the backups crashed. I want to release the games for free on my blog, and since FPSC X9 is now open source, I thought it would be easier to go and make a decompiler. Not saying that it would be easy, just saying it would be easier. Has anyone developed a decompiler, is developing one, or is willing to develop one now that they've seen this? and yes, I have gone straight to The Game Creators, and they said they can't do that since they don't support the software anymore.

I know a decompiler might lead to some worries that people will decompile peoples games and re-distribute the games and maps under their name, but I think the pros outway the cons since FPSC X9 is not supported anymore and most everyone has moved on to Game Guru.

Heck! Make it command line only since it would be easier to make and more difficult for the average person to use!

I'm not trying to be lazy by asking for someone to do it, I'm just not able to program. Heck, the game we made in highschool was programmed by one dude who didn't even know how to very well! To give you a basis of where I'm at, I tried Python and couldn't even get the hang of that!

So I'm requesting that someone make a game asset decompiler if they haven't already, and if they have, let it be distributed by the community. I really need this and I'm sure lots of other people need this too!

P.S. If a decompiler is already made, and you don't want to distribute it, could you at least let people send you the game files via cloud or something and have you decompile it for them?
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Joined: 11th Aug 2009
Posted: 12th Jul 2017 20:17
Not so much about "share" distribute and so on, but some games have model packs that cost money, and still haven't been released by TGC, thus this could be used as a way of pirating, similar to how unreal engine compilers are pirating tools. Therefore, this is unlikely to happen at all, and if it does, it won't be posted here, due to the AUP. However, on shadier forums....
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Joined: 13th Jun 2017
Playing: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Posted: 12th Jul 2017 21:28
I heard that one of the guys who made FPSC is on the forum (Jeff?) does it sometimes for people. Whats his username so I can contact him about it?
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2009
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Posted: 12th Jul 2017 23:14
Quote: "I heard that one of the guys who made FPSC is on the forum (Jeff?) does it sometimes for people. Whats his username so I can contact him about it?

I think you mean Lee Bamber
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Joined: 13th Jun 2017
Playing: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Posted: 13th Jul 2017 01:54 Edited at: 13th Jul 2017 01:54
Quote: "I think you mean Lee Bamber"

Just emailed him again after he declined the first time (thought it was someone different). Going to wait for a response tomorrow since as of this posting it's 1:00 over there. I think I got kinda far in trying to do this, but I hit a roadblock. If he does give me a tool or something and he is okay with it (I asked him, but distributing the tool doesn't seem likely) I'll post it if I get his permission to do so (hopefully just posting this reply doesn't get me banned). After researching, I THINK I have an idea that might work that someone could insert another darkbasic DLL into the exe using Darkexplorer that exports all the compressed and encrypted files on the .\virtual.dat file, which I assume is where all the files are kept in a virtual file system, but I don't know how to do it. I'll ask Lee if he can provide some insight if it is a totally unique filesystem or based on something. Does anyone know if there are any programs that could uncover this mystery? Does darkbasic have it's own virtual file system that mkight also be used in FPS Creator?

Please don't ban me if this is asking too much or violates the rules since I really want to be part of the community and share my games with everyone. Please delete this post and message me if you have to so I can understand the rules a bit more, or do that and suspend me, just please don't ban me!
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Joined: 21st Jan 2000
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Posted: 14th Jul 2017 13:00
I can confirm the rolling conversation on this topic, and also confirm that I know of no way to take a standalone FPS Creator game that has been encrypted and compressed into a single executable, and then extract the map level files to recover them. When the different files are compressed into a single executable, they are almost impossible to separate. I have no objections to methods being discussed here which can recover files from an executable you created yourself. Naturally, if your purpose is to extract files from other games in order to obtain and illegally use the assets, then that's a separate matter.

I can also add that if the game you have is indeed separated into a core executable and then a Files folder containing the various assets, the FPM files contained in the mapbank folder can be accessed freely, by following these steps:

1. Take an FPM file and rename the file extension to .ZIP
2. Open this renamed ZIP file with WinZip/WinRAR and enter the password 'mypassword'
3. Extract the files into a new folder so you can access the individual files (header info, entity database, etc)
4. From these files you can reconstruct a new ZIP with any modifications you want to make
5. When you create the ZIP from the above modified files, ensure the zip holds the files in its root folder, not a subfolder
6. When the ZIP is created, do so with the password 'mypassword'
7. Rename the ZIP file back to a .FPM file extension

You can then load the FPM file back into FPS Creator as normal, and it will contain the original and modified files you had access to above.

The real lesson, of course, is to save early and save often, and ensure you have three tiers of backup systems in place to ensure you never lose work. Redoing something over again might improve the end result, but can be awful tedious if the work to be recreated took weeks instead of hours. Hope the above tip helps in some way!
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Joined: 13th Jun 2017
Playing: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Posted: 14th Jul 2017 17:37
This kinda worked Lee! I was able to get my level kinda back, but now that I have the outline for it, it should be all good to go remaster! The only thing is that I wasn't able to get the entities back where they were and the segments were based on the map that was previously there. But overall, this is great! I'll finally be able to remaster it with a lot less effort! Thanks so very much!

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