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FPSC Classic Scripts / Question regarding camera offset $CAZ

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Posted: 12th Aug 2017 10:49 Edited at: 12th Aug 2017 11:00
I want to use the variable $CAZ. But it only allows me to manipulate the player's camera along the z-axis of the world. Is there any command where I can manipulate the z-axis with respect to the player? I tried plroffsetanglez but it increments the angle and sets the current angle to default (0) and so is a chore to work with. I wish there was a version of $CAZ but instead of the world it manipulates the camera with respect to the player.

As for $CAX and $CAY they lock the player along the x and y axes when used (as the mouse only moves along those two axes). But $CAX doesn't depend upon the global axes but the player axis. $CAY depends upon global axes.

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