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AppGameKit Classic Chat / 3D Physics examples

Rick Nasher
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Joined: 25th Jul 2017
Location: Amsterdam
Posted: 1st Sep 2017 00:55
Over at (home of some ex-Blitz3D/Max/Monkey coders), we're quit enthusiastic about AppGameKit as it's like a Blitz3D 3.0, so we're basically all over it, just discovering all the ins and outs. Currently we've been diving into the 3d + physics stuff and found some nice things in this thread:

However we've discovered that they're was a slight mistake in the "Ragdoll Character controller" code causing it to shake. This was solved by our coder Yue easily by swapping round 2 lines in the main loop so that they read as:

Shakes solved! Also I've made it into a crude follow cam(not done yet).

All examples from above thread on AppGameKit where put into 1 file for convenience plus the modified Ragdoll Character controller and can be downloaded here:

If anybody has more examples feel free to add them, the more the better.

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