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2D All the way! / Any good way to get a few beta testers.

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Joined: 31st Jul 2017
Location: Texas, USA
Posted: 26th Sep 2017 22:04
I have developed a Windows PC 2d Arcade style space game using AppGameKit Tier1 and desperately need beta testers.

I have the game on steam and can send out steam beta keys to anyone that may be interested.

I am looking for feedback and of course bug reports.

If there is someplace on the web to find people like interested in doing this, I would love to know where.
I have not been able to locate any such place.

If you know someone, please PM me.

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Joined: 3rd Oct 2017
Location: Thailand
Posted: 6th Oct 2017 23:55
Finding play testers has turned out to be the hardest thing for me to do in relation to game development.

Quality testers (those that will actually report bugs and be critical of game aspects) are very hard to find.

The only source I have found so far is to post on game forums. A large percentage of these will ban you, as developers posting about their game is considered spam by those sites. Even sites dedicated to indie games sometimes do this!

We really need a site dedicated to matching players who want to test games (they are out there) with developers.
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Joined: 31st Jul 2017
Location: Texas, USA
Posted: 18th Oct 2017 15:30
You make a very valid point.

Why isn't there a website dedicated to connecting app builders to beta tester volunteers?

Years ago I would come across people who bragged they were beta testers for some app and received free software as a result.
They flaunted it like a badge of honor.

Surely someone could make money off a site like that.
Professor Pops

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