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Joined: 16th Apr 2010
Location: feel like signing up for mars
Posted: 3rd Nov 2017 16:09
HI Guys:

Long time since last I've been here.

do you know how to install DBPro including all plugins~(that we used to purchase separately) on win 10 . all the stuff provided on the top are in C++.

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Joined: 8th Sep 2002
Location: Citadel Cyberspace
Posted: 10th Dec 2017 17:47
I downloaded the digital version and it installed fine for me. I'm on Win10 (64bit) if that helps
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Joined: 9th Jan 2018
Posted: 9th Jan 2018 00:33
Hello, after years of inacticity I've come back to this.

Where can I get (a link is helpful) the latest version?
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Joined: 28th Jul 2016
Posted: 11th Jan 2018 06:56
zero32 wrote: " <- some short guides: how to install open source version + how to activate already installed Dark Basic Pro using the open source license files + my dbpro folder (U7.6, works on windows xp) <- Ortu's framework and build utilities.
[quote=Ortu]DBPro Folder:

In here you will find a full, usable install of vanilla/official DBPro U77 ready to go. So many people come through here with trouble trying to get the open source version working or to get their old installation reinstalled or moved to a new machine. It includes many of the popular free community plugins. It does not include any of the paid plugins.

It also has a second copy of this version with Rudolpho's 9Ex installed over it."
"It is only slightly easier than changing all sugar in a cake into stevia after it has already been baked" -Bisqwit

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