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iOS and MacOS / Broken interpreter_mac...

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Joined: 12th Dec 2017
Posted: 12th Dec 2017 01:27

I'm new here. Trying out AppGameKit for the first time (bought it a few days ago).
I am using the Mac version (Xcode 9.2 on OS X 10.13.2).

Built a tier 1 test app... The current deployment "interpreter_mac" looks broken. The culprit is interpreter/AGKCommonSwitch.h

On line 1908:

1908 cFile fileOut;
1909 if ( fileOut.OpenToWrite( m_pStrStack[ m_iStrStackPtr ] ) )
1910 {
1911 uString sJson;
1912 ArrayToJSON( pArray, sJson );
1913 fileOut.WriteData( sJson, sJson.GetLength() );
1914 }

The ios interpreters for tier 1 are not affected. Tier 2 templates are fine (both on the Mac and iOS).

Anyway, hopefully you can fix this...


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