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User Banned
Posted: 23rd Dec 2017 13:29
Here is a little something for you if you ever need in your apps

You will need the test.png -or make your own and call it test.png (of course can change that bit code to suit your 1024x768 picture



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User Banned
Posted: 24th Dec 2017 12:41 Edited at: 24th Dec 2017 12:42
TV anyone

User Banned
Posted: 24th Dec 2017 12:56
3D version

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Joined: 12th Nov 2017
Location: Picking mushrooms
Posted: 27th Dec 2017 22:25
We need a "Like this" button
Rick Nasher
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Joined: 25th Jul 2017
Location: Amsterdam
Posted: 28th Dec 2017 15:04 Edited at: 28th Dec 2017 15:06
Quote: "We need a "Like this" button "

I very much second that one.

Also nice to combine with a static sound as found in this thread - "Is there any way to generate sound digitally without a sound file? "

User Banned
Posted: 28th Dec 2017 15:09
Thank you

Ill add more over time (mainly weekends)

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