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2D All the way! / Realistic Gravity for 2D sprite

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Joined: 15th Feb 2018
Posted: 15th Feb 2018 08:35

Hi guys, I am making a space ship game where I am trying to fly a space ship... gravity is supposed to drag the ship down, and obviously pressing up will thrust it up... and then when you stop thrust it starts dropping back to the ground... but I find that I cant get it to accelerate, it just goes at a constant speed...

My apologies if this shows up twice, I tried to post it before and it just dissapeared.

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Posted: 15th Feb 2018 20:21 Edited at: 15th Feb 2018 20:23
Gravity is usually a constant applied to the y value. In your case i would apply it after you get the joystick values ie
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Posted: 2nd Mar 2018 17:59
Hey Boomgate, try posting in the AppGameKit board next time for a quicker response. I noticed you posted two threads before getting an answer, the 2D board is usually for graphics and not programming. Good luck with your project!

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