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FPSC Classic Scripts / .X Model with animation not animating

morphosis comics
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Joined: 20th Feb 2006
Posted: 19th Feb 2018 22:00
I made a simple fan animation where the fan blade spins 360 degrees. It will not animate in fps creator. I think I need a correct fpe. I am looking but can't find anything.

Here is my fpi code. Thanks
desc = Cheap Fan

aiinit = appear1.fpi
aimain = FanAnimation.fpi

spawnmax = 0
spawndelay = 0
spawnqty = 0

model = FanAnimation.x
offx = 0
offy = 0
offz = 0
rotx = 0
roty = 0
rotz = 0

Scale = 2500

animmax = 180
anim0 = 0,1140
anim1 = 0,1140

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 19th Feb 2018 23:30
morphosis comics
Quote: "Scale = 2500"

First, the scaling is WAY to much. Try scaling it in Fragmotion to at least within a proper size and test. I wouldn't go over much by %200 if scaling is needed
Quote: "animmax = 180"

You only have two animations, so set "animmax" to animmax=2, but have a total of 1140 frames ? Seems a lot for just a fan to turn once
Normal just around 25-50 frames should do it. Since we don't have the .x model there is no way to test this..... and compare it to your .fpe file.
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Mr Love
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Posted: 20th Feb 2018 20:06
First, set animmax to 2. Why do You use so many frames for a simple animation, 25 frames wourld have been enough. Have You exported this fan from fragmotion??? The main-script is just (:state=0:animate=1)

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