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3 Dimensional Chat / Help with Blender (Transparent objects.)

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Posted: 7th Mar 2018 17:34 Edited at: 7th Mar 2018 17:35
Hello, I'm creating a VR project and am using blender for my modelling. I have a nice pipboy crate object I made in blender but the sleeve is causing me some issues.
As in this image, with the material view selected, the sleeve is nicely transparent, you can see the text behind it. (As you should)

But when it's rendered, the sleeve blocks light so you can't see the text behind it.

Does anyone know how to resolve this? (I know that the final version will be in unity, but I want the renders of my progress so I can upload them to my website.)
If you want to see my work, you can find it here.


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Posted: 8th Mar 2018 01:58 Edited at: 8th Mar 2018 02:00
The settings for the renderer and for the viewport are separated, so while you enabled transparency in the viewport, that won't be enough to also enable transparency for the renderer.

The setting you are looking for is under the materials tab and is called "Transparency" (you need to give the transparent object a material first):

In this scene I have a blue sphere, but it is black when inside the transparent object. If you want to see objects inside transparent objects, you need to also give those objects a material and enable the "Receive Transparent" option in the materials tab under "Shadow":

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